Everything You Need To Know Following The DAV Token Sale

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Amount Raised

40,726 ETH

Total Sold

552,110,775 DAV

Total Supply

1,380,276,937 DAV


Ethereum, ERC20

Following The DAV Transportation Network Token Sale - Everything you need to know

We’re grateful for the success we were able to achieve during our token sale. During our token sale, we successfully raised 40,726 ETH! Thank you to our amazing community for all your ongoing support. Please note, this "Everything you need to know" is meant to be a helpful quick summary only. The most up to date Terms and Conditions of the token sale are here. You can also see the marked copy of those most recent June updates here. Please check back for notices for any updates to the Terms and Conditions.

Expected Use Of Funds

45% - Research and Development

15% - Marketing and Business Development

20% - Expansion & Operations

10% - General & Administrative

10% - Legal & Compliance

Token Allocation

Token Locking

Receiving / Transferring DAV Tokens

Tokens purchased at the main token sale were sent immediately via smart contract to the contributors whitelisted wallet address.

To add DAV as Custom Token within your ERC20 compatible wallet:

  1. 1Click 'Add Custom Token'
  2. 2Enter the Token information below:
    Token address: 0xd82Df0ABD3f51425Eb15ef7580fDA55727875f14
    Token name: DAV
    Decimals: 18

Final Note

We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you for your support and for sharing the DAV vision with us. As members of the DAV community, you have a leading role in DAV’s development and future. We at the DAV Foundation know that decentralized open-source projects thrive and grow through community contribution and it is only with a strong community can the DAV vision become a reality. We are encouraged by what the future promises and very much look forward to the journey ahead!

The DAV Team