We're building a decentralized infrastructure
for tomorrow’s transportation on the blockchain

DAV Overview

Blockchain Based Transportation Network
by Noam Copel, Co-Founder & CEO of DAV

People Are Talking

92.2% Score

“Daaaamn, just got wind of some of the advisors DAV is adding.....pretty crazy stuff. Stay tuned! Also, pretty happy to see a great project like this start to get the attention it deserves!”

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“DAV blockchain is the underlying infrastructure that enables all types of potential mobility business models.”

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“The DAV Foundation and its proposed blockchain-based platform (called the DAV network, based on the Ethereum blockchain) seek to establish a “commons” for shared mobility, for both manned and unmanned vehicles.”

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98% Score

“Rocket Fuel Capital rated DAV Network an amazing 98%, which is extremely rare to be honest. I hope this helps get the word out about such a great project!”

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