Blockchain-based transportation protocol

Enabling a Decentralized, Peer-to-Peer, Global Transportation Network

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DAV's protocol allows anyone to utilize transportation services or put their own manned or autonomous vehicles on the network, creating a decentralized peer-to-peer transportation ecosystem.

What Blockchain means to transportation today

Decentralized Ride Hailing

Drivers and passengers can now communicate directly with each other using Blockchain, with no middleman taking part of the revenue

Convenient City Transportation

Access convenient transportation around your city or offer services such as charge and parking

Decentralized Manned Deliveries

Send and receive packages with the push of a button with decentralized manned deliveries on the DAV Network

What Blockchain means to transportation tomorrow

Autonomous Drone Deliveries

Drones communicate with each other and service providers for deliveries, charging, and maintenance

Autonomous Carriers

Supply carriers pick up material, navigate to their destination, and are paid for services autonomously

Autonomous Ride Sharing

Get a ride from an autonomous car or share your own car on the network to generate revenue

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Our Protocols

The Blockchain enables:

  • A verifiable ledger of historical data from service providers, manned or autonomous vehicles and users needed for insurers and third parties
  • A completely decentralized system that isn't controlled by any government, bank, or company
  • A global payment standard between vehicles and their supporting infrastructure
  • A built-in smart mission contract, which enables trustless cooperation between multiple vehicles and service providers


DAV is a framework of open-source software, open-source hardware, and a free decentralized marketplace where anyone can buy and sell autonomous transportation services. Our technology consists of three major components:

Decentralized Discovery

DAV allows autonomous vehicles to discover each other, as well as service providers, and clients around them. DAV implements decentralized node discovery using a peer-to-peer protocol that does not rely on a central server. Instead, nodes are listed in a distributed hash table which can be accessed in an extremely efficient way.

Communication Protocol

DAV defines a library of standardized communication protocols for various transportation scenarios. This communication is divided into two groups:

  • on-blockchain communication done directly by calling smart contracts and through events emitted by those smart contracts

  • off-blockchain communication done peer-to-peer using DAV’s protocols

Trustless Cooperation Tools

Trustless cooperation between buyers and sellers of transportation services is achieved using a series of specialized smart contracts. These smart contracts enable multi-party contracts between buyer, seller, and when needed, between arbitrator, insurer, and others. These contracts are tied in directly to the DAV token, guaranteeing financial resolution for transactions between multiple parties without requiring any pre-established trust.

Meet the Team

Dr. Alan Messer

Automotive Advisor
“The most exciting thing I see is the ability for DAV to be the key enabler of that internet of transport”

Dr. Scott Horowitz

Aerospace Advisor
“I can predict that the autonomous world will expand”

Ming Chan

Economics & Growth Advisor

Jay Adelson

Internet Infrastructure Advisor
“DAV to me is the obvious next step”

Sai Yagnyamurthy

Mobility Advisor

George D. Zamka

Aviation Advisor

Dr. Greg Colvin

Technology Advisor
“This is obviously a great crew of people, an interesting project, and good things are going to come of it over time”

Priyanka Khaitan

IoT Advisor
“DAV it is to the future of transportation what TCPIP was to the internet”

Dr. Giovanni Lanfranchi

Technology Architecture Advisor

Jerome Ferguson

Autonomy Advisor

Eyal Hertzog

Crypto-economics Advisor
“Everyone's asking what could be the first blockchain killer app for the masses. I believe DAV has a real shot being that”

Nick Johnson

Blockchain Advisor
“The coolest things about DAV is the way they’re aiming to solve just that coordination problem”

Biren Gandhi

Drone Advisor
If you have to summarize the future of transportation in one word it’s going to be autonomous

Our Team of Open Source Contributors

The DAV Alliance brings together members of the transportation industry so that we may collaborate on standards and innovations for a global decentralized network.

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